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Surf Charters to Witches Rock

Witches Rock is, by far, one of the hottest surfing spot in Costa Rica. The best waves, breaks and their difficulty to access this place (Playa Naranjo) by land make Witch's Rock and Ollies Point some of the least crowded of the most popular breaks in Costa Rica: Roca Bruja.

Getting Witches Rock: well, there are two ways to get this place: as we said above, one way is a very trusty 4X4 driving in through the Santa Rosa National Park for some of the worst roads in Costa Rica and a million of mosquitoes, if you are lucky you will get Playa Naranjo. However, the second way is safer, saner and involve getting a charter boat in Coco beach. Playas del Coco is the largest village in Guanacaste province; known primarily as the gateway for surfers to reach surfing places in Playa Naranjo in the Santa Rosa National Park. It is 25 minutes from the Liberia International airport and 45 minutes boat running from Roca Bruja. Day by day, round the year, surfers come to Coco beach to hire a Witch's Rock charter boat to enjoy the place, the clear water and of course the best surf.

We are in Coco beach and our business is to provide Witches Rock and Ollies Point surf tours. Our seven hours charter will take you visiting Witch's Rock and Ollies Point in the Santa Rosa National Park and additionally to others secret places on the nearby PELADAS island. We will be happy if we pick you up from this beach, however we also could pick you up from the hotel beach where you are staying.

The boat trip to Witches Rock

The boat is leaving early in the morning, around 7:00am from Coco Beach for the best surfing around here, Witches Rock and Ollie's Point. The perfect waves, left and right, tubes, it is perfect!.

We will make your surf dreams come true!, contact us for any additional information about hotels, nightlife, transportation and let us take you to the breaks you are looking for.

La Manta Fishing boat

Enjoy a day of fishing on board our La Manta boat and go after rooster, sail, mahi, yellowfin and many others species with local captains in the Gulf of Papagayo, Flamingo or Tamarindo.

Witches Rock Surf Charters
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witchs Rocks charters Playa Naranjo
witchs Rocks charters Playa Naranjo

Ask for our surf lesson and boards rental on your surf charter.

Surf Charters to Witches Rock and Ollies Point
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