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Witches Rock or Roca Bruja ?

Here lie the world wide famous: Witches Rock, Roca Bruja, Witch's Rock or whatever you want to call it, it doesn't matter, this is the best place for surfing in Guanacaste Costa Rica. The best waves, the best breaks, reached only by boat or by 4x4 thru the Santa Rosa National Park, in Playa Naranjo lie the rock everybody in Costa Rica call: ROCA BRUJA.


Local people call this rock "ROCA BRUJA" since old people believed a witch lived inside the rock and when rough sea hitted the rock it made a sound like a thunder, then they said:"listen LA ROCA BRUJA".

Roca Bruja is one of the best breaks in the country. This is a very windy place in months from December to March, but with almost none effect on the local waves. From May to November the place is affected by on-shore winds which make higher waves. Located in the national park of Santa Rosa, this wilderness point offer more surfing activity than many other spots in Costa Rica. If you are a dedicated surfer, do whatever you need to do to experience this amazing place. Drive for hours, walk or swim here if you have to! You will have the time of your life.

Ollies Point

The Endless Summer movie has immortalized this place. With world class surf break it is one of the most northern surfing points in Costa Rica. It has the best waves at middle tide which is well known for local guides.

Ollie's Point is named after the U.S. Military General Oliver North, for his role in the Iran-Contra Affair, visited this place, people say for surfing on free time.

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